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So, you've found a good deal and are about to fit your new Variable Intermittant Wiper Stalk.
Take one small* crossheaded screwdriver. A medium should work but you'll want a small one after removing the cowl.
So, below the wheel are three screws found by locating three holes.
Two silver and one black (latter is stubby and different length from the other two and is the one nearer the engine)
Gently locate head. You may need to have a small torch to hand as screwdriver heads can be awkward duffers when you can't see the head (okay, it's probably just me lol)
When screws are removed ease cowl down and out [ I actually had the top cowl off before the bottom one]
Two smaller screws keep the stalk in place.
Remove and do not lose [one dropped out of mouth and onto the road... found ]
Ease stalk from housing.
It is attached by cables and microchip doing.
Find way of releasing (mine was accidental) and rehouse in new stalk.

Reverse process to fit .....
I found getting myself under the steering wheel a great bonus for locating at least one of the screw heads.
It's easy but i am sure i did it the hard way - somehow
You live and learn:)

*small in building terms not computer terms- they're tiny.
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