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DAV1D or DAV1E i saw DAV1E in London years ago, also it was my Dads name for me. If it ever came up for sale i'd have to sell my kids for it, not that antbody would want them.

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maybe replace 999 with 112

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Would probably go for GED1 and GED3 - I used to have that on my dive cylinders a few years ago (see below), the idea being people might think I also had a GED2. :smug:whereas in reality I didn't. Don't suppose many of you youngsters remember Gerald Nabarro who was one of the first to have a series of plates from NAB 1 to NAB10, (for Ali's benefit, he stood for and lost as MP for West Brom but did win Kiddy at the next election)

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Mind you, one plate I came across in NZ which I liked immensely was this one :
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